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Agriculture is in our roots.


A lifetime in ag; 24+ years in marketing communications

Common Thread ... to put aside differences and find or create a connection with others ... in this instance, to be open to hear how someone else is helping feed, clothe or fuel neighbors across the globe.


I hear a former client remark: "Sweet, innocent Katie." As naïve as it seems, and despite all that makes us different, we are neighbors and connected as humans. This became more apparent as I witnessed my brother create a bridge with a fellow Wisconsin dairy farmer, pointing out there’s enough criticism coming from outside ag that farmers need to stick together, that large farmers need small farmers and small farmers need large farmers.


Everyone wants to believe their way is the best way, the only way. It’s not. It will take all ways and all of us to feed each other and our animals, clothe each other and fuel our communities.


I’ve spent my lifetime tied to agriculture. I experienced from a young age love, heartbreak, compassion, work ethic, grit, defiance, fearlessness. I'm the daughter and a sister to hard-working Wisconsin dairy farmers. I cultivate my own garden and actually enjoy doing yard work!


After 23+ years delivering marketing communications expertise in nearly all U.S. crop markets to ag clients at an agency, I was faced with "what's next?" 


Rediscovering how I geek out when learning the technical aspects of a new ag market, I realized I wanted to continue helping farmers make the right decisions for their operation by arming them with information.


I founded Common Thread Communication Solutions to help us connect, share stories, exchange the facts of our struggles and successes, and learn from each other. We need to look past one approach and embrace how each farming method contributes. From the home gardener in the suburbs to the container gardener in the city to farmers tending their fields ... we are bound by our Common Thread of humanity.

Our ag experience spans nearly all U.S. crops, agtech, some livestock and Asian aquaculture.
My family has expanded the dairy farm where I grew up, where my brother is raising his family.
Hard work, perseverance and honesty are qualities I carry with me from the farm.
A little home garden keeps the country in the girl.
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